Gastronomic Heroism Tasting Menu

Indulge in the historic beauty of our homeland. Celebrate her bravery and valor. Relive through the story of our menu. Listen to her sing and sing with her.

Available from 3 - 22 September


Inclusive of one of the below cocktails

Mestiza  fresh, smooth and proud
Montelobos mezcal, Martell vs, Mandarin Napoleon, lime, avocado and pistachio puree and agave
A Pre-Colombian inspired drink that proudly displays the beauty of the native Spanish background.

El Grito  citrusy, exotic and passionate
Sotol, Mezcal Gin, Aloe Vera juice, lime, cream, egg white, simple syrup and grapefruit soda
El Grito, “The Shout”, the symbol that marks the country’s long awaited independence in 1821 – VIVA MEXICO!

Aguila y Sol  refreshing, intense and courageous
1800 Tequila silver, Cazcabel liqueur, lime, red pepper and mint cordial and peppermint bitter
Modern Mexico, best embodied by the courageous eagle in its coat of arms and the warm sun that blesses the county for most of the year.

.     .     .

Esferas de chicharrón con exquisita salsa cruda
Pork crackling spheres with exquisite salsa cruda

Tostada Trigarante de ceviche
Sea bass ceviche tostada with the colours and flavours from Mexico’s flag

Caldo verde de res picante con aguacate y cilantro
Spicy green beef broth with avocado and cilantro

Lengua de res con salsa rural de mole de pistache
Beef tongue with rural pistachio mole

La joya del chile en nogada con su tatuaje barroco
The jewel of Mexican cooking: the traditional chile en nogada

Los raspados patrióticos:
Granada, coco y limón con flor de sal mexicana y picante

The patriotic sorbets:
Pomegranate, coconut and lemon and spicy sauce

La alegría de los dulces: cocadas verde, blanco y rojo
The joy of tiny sweets

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